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Product audits

Product audits

FAI, single process audits

Besides supplier audits you also have the option to choose for product audits.
During product audits the focus is on the processes required to release a product for mass production. This can be very important in case of outsourcing.
During this audit the main focus is on:
- Stock control and product preservation
- Manufacturing process implementation
- Presence of work instructions / processes / checklists
- Classification, training and authorization of personnel
- Product test process execution / validation
- Document and record control
- Control and use of monitoring and measuring devices .
- Process riscs
The above mentioned inspection is specific for product- and product (sub-)assemblies

The span of inspection and used ISO or product standards will be determined in mutual agreement.

The rate for (customized) audits is to be agreed based on an hour rate or day part or full day rate.

To be agreed

Product audits